5 Ways to Vastly Improve Your Move In Day

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5 Ways to Vastly Improve Your Move In Day

Posted by Lynch Pin on 04/25/16

Moving is stressful. Moving somewhere like the brand new The Royal Belmont can be incredibly exciting. A new luxury apartment site coming to the Cambridge/Belmont area in the fall, The Royal Belmont has the perfect location and amenities to make sure you’re move in is stress free.

We know the pool alone won’t save you, so here are some tips and tricks to use on move in day:

Organize Your Boxes by Room

Number one is super important. Even if you’re moving into one of The Royal Belmont’s affordable studios or one bedroom apartments for rent, make sure you’re still organizing your things by areas. Nothing is worse than being all moved in and wanting to have a nice cup of coffee before you really dig into unpacking, only to figure out that your mugs are buried somewhere else.

Lucky for you, The Royal Belmont will have coffee ready for you in the Club Room. Come down and relax with a cup before you tackle those boxes!

Don’t be a Stranger

If you’re moving into a new complex, you’ll get the fun experience of learning the ins and outs with your neighbors. Just because it’s a new place, everyone may be a little nervous. Luckily, all of our residential buildings are built on socialization models, which make it easy to make new friends.

Avoid Surprises

Imagine this: You show up on move in day only to find out that little Fido is over the weight limit. That’s not the best way to start a new lease. Knowing the details of the contract you signed is going to make your life so much easier. The Royal Belmont welcomes all furry friends; we know they’re a part of your family.

Know When to Take a Break

You’ve got all your stuff moved in, but your boxes aren’t unpacked yet.

Take a deep breath and then take a break.

One of the most important things to remember when moving is work smarter, not harder. At The Royal Belmont there are plenty of ways to relax at our Club House. You can sit by the pool, catch a movie in our media room or take a quick yoga class to really calm yourself down.

One of the top to-dos when you move to a new place is to make sure you explore the area. The Royal Belmont is a short walk away from the Alewife subway station, meaning it’s extremely easy to access Boston. Once you’re completely moved in and life goes back to normal, you won’t have as much time to take it all in.

Go Explore!

Nobody said moving was going to be fun, but if you’re moving into luxury like the studios, one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom apartments for rent at The Royal Belmont, it sure can be.

The luxury real estate is set to open in the fall and we’re currently pre-leasing. Contact us here.