Five Apps and Gadgets Future Royal Belmont Residents Need

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Five Apps and Gadgets Future Royal Belmont Residents Need

Posted by Lynch Pin on 07/14/16

Who doesn’t love a good #LifeHack? From scheduling saviors to power preservers we’ve compiled a list our top five favorite apps and gadgets that are the must haves for any home. These tech triumphs are guaranteed to make your luxury experience at The Royal Belmont even better.

  1. Wireless Furniture

At the Royal Belmont, we’ll be offering many housing options. If you opt for unfurnished accommodations, then we have the perfect recommendations for you. Ikea’s Wireless Charging Furniture is as stylish as it is functional. No more scrambling for outlets or having messy cables lying around. With everything from end tables to lamps, you’ll never have a power emergency again.

  1. Yoga Studio

If you don’t have time to do laps in the on-site pool or stop by our Fitness Center, bring the workout to you. Yoga Studio offers 24 hours of ready-made videos containing 280 unique poses. Mix and match classes to create a totally customized workout. Perfect for beginners or experts, this app will not disappoint.

  1. Wunderlist

Wash the car, buy groceries, and remember your interview: Life can get pretty hectic, but that’s what Wunderlist is for! This app will help make your life a breeze. You can set up reminders for yourself, significant other, dog, etc., collaborate with colleagues and more. Never again forget to pay your electricity bill or send your mother-in-law birthday flowers. Wunderlist is a literal lifesaver and the perfect tool for anything life throws at you.

  1. Mood Lighting

Want a completely unique way to accent The Royal Belmont’s luxurious décor? Try Philips Hue color control lightbulbs. Completely app controlled, these bad boys are a must-have for any trendy home. Perfect for parties, date nights and everything in between, you’ll be the envy of all your friends.

  1. GPSMyCity

Living at The Royal Belmont means great amenities and an awesome location. Located in scenic Belmont there’s everything you could possibly want. And in the case there isn’t, you’re only a quick ride away from Downtown Boston. Whether you’re spending the day downtown or making a weekend of it, there’s plenty to do — almost too much if you ask us. So why not pull up GPSMyCity and see where it takes you? Whether it’s your first visit or you’re a proud native, this is a great way to explore the city.

If you’re wondering how The Royal Belmont could get any better, well, there’s an app (or two, or three) for that. After you download these god-sends into your life, see how you can incorporate them into your residency here.