The Wait is Almost Over! Preparing for Move-In Day at the Royal Belmont

The Wait is Almost Over! Preparing for Move-In Day at the Royal Belmont

Posted by Lynch Pin on 07/07/16

July is right around the corner and you know what that means: Fireworks, barbeques and of course the grand opening of the luxury furnished apartments at The Royal Belmont! We know you’ve been anxiously waiting for months to move into your new modern luxury apartment and we’re just as excited as you are. June isn’t flying by fast enough, but we know just the thing to help you pass the time:



It’s no secret that packing is a long and tedious process. If you think of it as the first step to moving into your dream apartment then it’s not bad at all. And, to make your move as smooth as possible we’ve laid out some helpful moving tips for before, during and after your arrival.

First Things First

Take this as an opportunity to do some spring summer cleaning. A new apartment means a new you. As you go through your drawers and closets, separate your clothes into two piles. The “with” clothes are your super staples and pieces you just can’t bear to part with. The “withouts” are what you’ve literally and figuratively outgrown. Once you’ve uncluttered a little bit then packing will be a breeze.

Next Step: Appreciation

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Once you arrive, take some time to admire your brand new home. With floor to ceiling windows, balconies and state-of-the-art appliances we won’t blame you for your speechlessness. We’ve spent countless hours designing and building The Royal Belmont to be the epitome of luxury living.

After you’ve taken it all in, stop by our private dining room for a celebratory first meal. Then, to finish off your first day, head to the 24-hour resident clubhouse to relax by the fireplace, pool or even to play some billiards with your new friends.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s… the T?

 One of the best parts of The Royal Belmont is its location. Nestled alongside the cultural paragon that is Cambridge and just a train ride to the ever-so-charming city of Boston, there’s always something to do. Between public transportation, a multitude of bicycle and walking paths and parking spots you’ll never have to worry about getting anywhere!

Get Ready to Un-leash!

In addition to our human friendly amenities, we offer a pet-friendly atmosphere as well. So, after you’ve taken a dip in the pool or caught a movie in the private viewing lounge, take your furry friend on a hike through one of our nearby trails and a post-hike bath in the on-site dog-washing station. With scenic views for you to enjoy and exciting smells for your best friend, guaranteed great times are ahead.

As you prepare to move in there are a lot of things you need to check off your list. But, after all of the planning and prep, you’re moving into your dream apartment, and that makes it all worthwhile.

If you have any questions about moving in, or wish to inquire about pre-leasing, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Move in is right around the corner and our modern luxury apartments are going fast!